CRM 2015–Incoming emails are not getting created as Email Activity


If you have 2 or more Queues with same Incoming email address and if one the the Queue is Inactive then one would expect CRM Server Side Synchronization to process the email and assign it to all the Active Queues for that email address.

However actually CRM Server Side Synchronization will not process such emails and not Email activity will be created.

On CRM Mailbox, ALERTS something like following will be captured.




If you look into Trace logs you will find error logged as

>Crm Exception: Message: You cannot add items to an inactive queue. Select another queue and try again., ErrorCode: -2147220190, InnerException: Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: You cannot add items to an inactive queue. Select another queue and try again.

Resolution for this problem is if you do not want to use the Inactive Queue, clear its Incoming Email value and deactivate it again.

Error: Your subscription has the maximum amount of storage available. To obtain additional storage, please contact our sales organization.


We received following error on CRM 2013 On-premise deployment.



From message it looks like this error is for CRM 2013 Online clients, where each subscription has storage limit and when this storage limit is approaching CRM Admin gets email so that they can pro-actively get more subscription space. However it does not make any sense for CRM On-premise.

This error basically comes when Database drive space is full and has not more space, so either we have to shrink the database or get more disk space.