CRM 2011–Utilities Developed by me

It started as small experiment to create a CRM 2011 add-on to address my project requirement. For my project had this requirement which needed to develop a utility which I developed using Silverlight, later on I realized that requirement that it was catering is kind of universal requirement and many other projects will need it, so I created it as Managed Solution and uploaded on CodePlex so that others can use it. That was my first ever CodePlex project for CRM 2011 ISV. Later on I kept on developing CRM 2011 managed solutions and made it available on CodePlex. Now when I look back ever since I started it in 04/2011 so far I have developed 10 Managed Solutions !!!

I received good response in terms of Page Visits and Downloads and probably that’s what kept me encouraging to develop new CRM 2011 Managed Solutions.

Special thanks to Tanguy for making available the wonderful CRM Connection Control, Free !!!

Following are Utilities / Add-On that I have developed so far and which are available on CodePlex for free download

# Name Description
1 CRM 2011 Silverlight Web Resource for User Settings Silverlight based Web Resource to managed User Settings
2 CRM 2011 – WinForm based User Settings Console Win Form based utility to managed User Settings. It also has added feature to check whether existing User is valid AD User.
3 CRM 2011 TreeView for Lookup Treeview form of Lookup data which has Parent Child relationship. For example Account – Parent Account
4 CRM 2011 TreeView for Dependent Picklist Treeview form for Dependent Picklist.
5 CRM 2011 Lookup Preview HTML Lookup preview on CRM Form where Lookup control is placed.
6 CRM 2011 Un-managed Solution Bulk Export Win Form based utility to do Bulk Export of CRM 2011 Un-managed solutions.
7 CRM 2011 AttributeMapping CRM 2011 Attribute Mapping for updating Lookup mapping field data.
8 CRM 2011 Bulk Disassociation of 1:N relationship records This Custom Ribbon allows User to do bulk disassociation of 1:N relationship records, which other wise has to do one by one. For example if Account has multiple Contacts and User wanted to disassociate them they can do it using this Add-On
9 CRM 2011 – Many-To-Many Relationship Entity View This N:N view facilitates to see records in single view.
10 CRM 2011 Global Quick Search Global Quick search allows User to carry our CRM’s OOB Quick Find on multiple entities and shows results in a single page.