CRM 2011: Many-to-Many (N:N) Relationship Entity View

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has many to many relationship which enables user to establish N:N relationship between 2 CRM entities. CRM creates intersect entity for each of this relationship.

Once established user can associate entities from each other and view it from each other’s form using Left Navigation link or Sub-Grid placed in form. However there is no Advance find available on these intersect entities and only way to see it from CRM Form. Association and dissociation can only be done from CRM form. Although this serves most of the purpose, there can be scenario where user wanted to see all the data that is available of intersect entity, for example Security Role and System User where we might wanted to see all the User in given security Roles.


In order over come this limitation I have created Silverlight Web Resource which will allow user to view all many-to-many related records from single page.

It has following components

1. Plug-in to generate XML (Data) Web Resource which gets saved in CRM Web Resource store. This plug-in is wired up with “Publish All” messages hence gets fired every time “Publish All” action is called.

2. Silverlight Web Resource, to enable selection of Intersect entity and do paging.


Once managed solution is imported, CRM Customizer needs to edit SiteMap and add link to mtm_/ManyToManyBulkEditTestPage.html at appropriate Group/Sub-Group


Managed Solution is available at



  • Following is how Silverlight page looks like


  • There are 3 options for relationship type selection


  • Once relationship type is selected from combo box, appropriate View names are populated in View list


  • Once the View is selected data is rendered from give view